What do I do about dogs running loose in my neighborhood?

The City of Hokes Bluff has established Animal Control Procedures that require all animals to be kept under the control of their owners at all times so they will not injure persons, damage property or create a nuisance. It is considered unlawful for animals to run at large, or be off the premises of the owner unless they are under the control of the owner by means of a leash, cord, chain or other similarly effective means. Animals running “at large” may be considered nuisances and may be seized, restrained, impounded and/or disposed of by the City at the expense of the owner.

The City must have a signed complaint about an animal to initiate any action. If you are having a problem with stray dogs or a neighbor’s dog, you must sign a complaint at City Hall. The owner will then receive a warning by the Police Department. If there is a second complaint within a twelve month period about the same animal, the animal will be picked up and impounded. If there is a third complaint within a twelve (12) month period about the same animal, the animal will be picked up and impounded, the owner will be cited and have to appear in the Hokes Bluff Municipal Court. In addition, depending upon the circumstances, an owner may receive a citation on a first or second offense.

Any animal found running at large that has no I.D. tag or whose owner cannot be identified may be picked up and impounded.

An owner may be held financially responsible/liable for any damages to another party’s property or belongings caused by an animal running at large or creating a nuisance.

Do I have any outstanding warrants with the City of Hokes Bluff?

Local warrants with the City of Hokes Bluff can be checked by calling the Hokes Bluff Municipal Court or by coming to the Hokes Bluff Police Department. For warrants with any other agency, you should check with that agency or the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department.

If I need police assistance but it is not an emergency, who do I call?

You need to call the “E-911” office at 549-4269.

A Hokes Bluff police officer gave me a ticket. What do I do now?

Many traffic violations can be paid without appearing in court. To determine if a particular violation would allow you to plead guilty to a Magistrate and appearing in court, you may call (256) 492-2414, ext 4. The Magistrate will advise you if your violation requires a court appearance. If it does not, you will be told how much the fine and court cost will be if the citation is paid prior to court.

What is CRO and when does it apply?

CRO is the Court Referral Office. This is an office required by law to help people wit substance abuse problems. Anyone who is arrested for an offense involving drugs or alcohol must be evaluated by the Court Referral Office and then complete the program they have been ordered to attend. If you do not get the required evaluation or complete the Court Referral program, you will be brought back to court and may end up in jail for contempt of court.

I pled guilty to a traffic violation and paid the fine without going to court. I also had to pay court costs even thought I did not appear in court. Why?

The amount you pay consists of the fine and the court costs added together for the total amount. Court costs are required by the State of Alabama even though you may not appear in court. The Court is required to remit, as provided by law or Rules of Criminal Procedure, all money designated to be paid and to pay the costs to the officials designated to receive it at the State level. The only way the court costs will not be paid by a defendant is if a certain law states that no court costs will be paid for that particular offense or if the judge orders (in writing) that you do not have to pay the court costs for a particular offense.

How can I obtain information on sex offenders in my neighborhood?

You can obtain information from several websites. These are:


What can I do about excessive noise in my neighborhood?

Contact the “E-911” office at 549-4269 to report the problem.

What is the procedure for getting a warrant to have someone arrested?

You must contact the Police Department. An officer will prepare an incident report and a written statement of the facts of the incident. You will then appear before the Magistrate who will put you under oath. The Magistrate will examine your documents and ask you questions. The Magistrate may also speak to any witnesses to the incident. Once the Magistrate has determined that there is probable cause to believe the defendant committed the offense, a warrant or summons will be issued. If the Magistrate does not fined probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed, no warrant or summons will be issued.

How can I obtain a copy of my criminal record?

Criminal records must be obtained through the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. You can email them or call for more information. Phone numbers and field offices can be found on their website

How do I report a crime in progress?

Call “911” to report a crime in progress.

How can I obtain a copy of my police report?

Police reports can be obtained at City Hall during regular business hours for a charge of five dollars ($5.00).

When is a warrant issued and when is a summons issued?

Neither will be issued without finding probable cause. Once probable cause is determined, the magistrate will decide whether to issue a summons to appear in court or a warrant of arrest.

A summons is exactly what is says. It is an order to appear in court on a specific date.

A warrant is an order or authorization to a police officer to make an arrest.

What can I do about annoying or threatening phone calls?

Hang up immediately. Do not give out any information. If calls persist, contact the customer service number listed on your telephone bill to speak with a service representative. You can also contact your local police department for assistance.

How do I obtain proof of no criminal record?

You should contact the Alabama Bureau of Investigation to obtain proof of no criminal record.

How can I obtain a protection of restraining order?

Protection Orders are issued through the Etowah County Clerk’s Office. Restraining Orders are obtained by retaining an attorney, who then petitions the Court for an order.

How can I report suspected child abuse or elder abuse?

Contact the Department of Human Resources at (256) 549-4100.

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report?

A copy of an accident report can be obtained at City Hall during regular business hours for a charge of five dollars ($5.00).

Where can I obtain crime prevention information?

Contact your local police department or Sheriff’s Department.

Where can I obtain information on Domestic Violence?

You can obtain information concerning domestic violence from the Hokes Bluff Police Department or the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department.