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In late 1989 a group of ladies interested in forming a public library for the City of Hokes Bluff obtained a meeting with Mayor Gene Mayhall. The result of this meeting was the go ahead of plans for the Rufus Floyd Library. Vail Ford, Shirley Reeves, and Janice Jarrells were advised by Rebecca Mitchell, the head librarian for the City of Gadsden of the steps needed to form a public library.

The library opened in May 1990 in a small room located within the Hokes Bluff Lions Community Center. Cecil Lett and Donald Jarrells built the shelves for the room. A book drive was held to begin the library’s collection. The first Library Board named by the City of Hokes Bluff was, Vail Ford, Louellyn Hood, Janice Jarrells, Cecil Lett and Murry Millander. Vail Ford had a degree in Library Science and was already responsible for the school libraries, so it was only fitting that she organized the library for the public. Vail then became the unofficial Librarian.

The library continued to operate in the Community Center until 2000. In the interim Etowah County had passed a one cent sales tax to fund the libraries within the county. The Etowah County Library Committee was formed to disperse the funds granted to them by this tax. With help of that Committee and the City of Hokes Bluff, the current building was constructed across from Hokes Bluff City Hall. Vail retired soon after and Janice Jarrells became Librarian.

Since 2000 the library has been able to offer a variety of services for the citizens of Hokes Bluff through money obtained by grants. The library currently offers public use computers, audio books, large print books, children’s books, and teen books. The library has recently added eBooks to the services offered as well as access to In 2011 Janice Jarrells retired. Cassie Patterson is the current Library Director.