Public Works

The City’s Public Works Department tries to keep the City looking its best at all times.  The Department takes care of the City streets and park areas works for you in several ways:

    • The City’s right-of-ways are maintained by grass cutting and clearing of excess undergrowth to help with visibility and safety.
    • Ditches and culverts are cleared of debris to help maintain the drainage system.
    • Streets are routinely inspected for potholes and damage.
    • The park areas and ball fields are cleared of litter and debris and mowed as often as possible to try and sustain an attractive appearance.
    • All regulatory, warning, and street signs along the right-of-way within the City limits are the responsibility of the City.

Working together as a community, we can keep Hokes Bluff beautiful. If you see a traffic sign that is down or damaged, please report it to City Hall at 492-2414.  Also, please report theft or destruction of street signs to the Police Department.