Community Center

Lions Club Community Center Reservation Information

Address: 5981 Gilliland Street Hokes Bluff, AL 35903

The appointment book for the Hokes Bluff/Lions Club Community Center is kept at Hokes Bluff City Hall. Contact Hokes Bluff City Hall at (256) 492-2414 to make reservations for use of the building. Rental and security fees must be paid at the time of reservation in order to confirm the desired date.

  1. All events will be scheduled and approved in advance upon payment of applicable fees.
  2. Use is restricted to resident citizens of Hokes Bluff and their guests. Residents of the Hokes Bluff school district may also be permitted use of the building.
  3. The building will be available for one-half hour before and one-half hour after the scheduled use for preparations and cleanup.
  4. Individual people or organizations using the building will be responsible for damages before, during, or after their stay. Adult supervision is required at all times while the building is in use.
  5. Fees charged for use of the building are to offset related heating, cooling, maintenance and cleaning costs. Fees are for a three hour minimum, with an additional charge per hour after. Large Room, Kitchen (and pavilion) $125.00 for three hour minimum, plus an additional $ 25.00 per hour for additional hours. Daily Rate for eight (8) to twelve (12) hours $300.00. An $80.00 security fee is also required. This amount may be refunded provided the building is left in reasonably clean, undamaged condition in accordance with the Rules for Use. The rental and security fees must be paid at least seven (7) days in advance of an event.
  6. After use, all paper, cans, bottles, or other trash must be bagged and placed in appropriate trash receptacles located outside the building. Tables and chairs are to be returned to their original (on appropriate carts in the back of the room). All lights are to be turned off. The kitchen must be left is as clean a condition as it was found.
  7. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES AT ANY TIME. Violators will forfeit their deposit, may be subject to additional charges, and may be barred from future use of the facilities.
  8. Walls are not to be defaced in any manner. (No tacks, nails, tape or anything of this nature, are to be use on the walls.)
  9. Any event involving children must be properly supervised by responsible adults.
  10. If candles are used, they must be in wax catching containers.
  11. No glitter or confetti is allowed.
  12. No animals are allowed on the premises except for service animals.
  13. The building is TOBACCO FREE. Violators will forfeit their deposit, may be subject to additional charges, and may be barred from future use of the facilities.
  14. The building may be used for City business and functions; large showers, receptions, teas, etc.; family and class reunions; non-profits organizations; church socials.
  15. The building may not be used for private business (such as cookware, Tupperware, cosmetics, dancing or baton lessons, kindergarten, nursery, or daycare), religious services, dressing rooms).