Household sanitation pickup/disposal services within the City limits are provided by Allied Waste.

Pickup days are Tuesday and Wednesday according to your location.  The current monthly charge for the service is $15 which is billed on a quarterly basis at $39.  This charge is billed by City Hall and is billed separately from other City utilities such as water and sewer.

All citizens are asked to place all garbage and trash in plastic garbage bags before placing the bags in the 90-gallon carts provided by Allied Waste.  This will help reduce the amount of litter that is scattered by the garbage trucks on pickup days and also in the event the cart is turned over before it is emptied.

For safety, broken glass or other sharp objects should not be placed loose in the garbage carts.  Enclose these items in a rigid container before placing them in a garbage bag. No liquid paint, building materials, batteries, oil, or hazardous materials may be placed in the garbage carts nor will these items be picked up by Allied Waste.